Thursday, May 28, 2015

A year of microtheatre (and much more)

On May 29th 2014 La Malhablada opened its doors to the public for the first time. A breath of fresh air in Salamanca's cultural scene, its managers define it a a microtheatre and contemporary art centre. Discover in this article what it consists of and how they are planning on celebrating its birthday.

Malhablada: a woman impertinent or bold in her speaking

Three bold women, but no foul-mouthed, imagined La Malhablada and didn't stop until it was running: Sonia and Paz (architects) and Gloria (theatrical designer and art director). Many more did their part too through a crowdfunding campaign.

Although microtheatre -a genre which Salamanca was not familiar with but that has welcomed with open arms- was given a central role, from the very beginning La Malhablada was thought as a laboratory for cultural experimentation and reflection on the creative process. Special attention is given to local creators. 27th Meléndez street -an unbeatable location- has accommodated exhibitions, concerts, book presentations, workshops, dance and poetry performances, theatre plays utilizing the whole building, flea markets and activities for children. Check out this video from national television covering the project (in Spanish).

At Tía Tula Spanish School we declare ourselves unconditional fans of everything going on at La Malhablada. Up to the point that their microtheatre plays are usually included in our extracurricular activities, a perfect complement to live the language outside the classroom. We love that some of those plays are especially adapted for students of Spanish.

The birthday party
No expense will be spared at La Malhablada's first birthday party on Friday 29th. Here is what they have in store for their visitors:

. Microtheatre plays
. Microtheatre on the balconies ( 9 pm and 11:30 pm)
. Grapes, parmesan cheese and cava for everyone (from 11:45 pm to 12:30 am)
. Nominations for the MINI Microtheatre Awards (midnight)
. DJ on the terrace (from midnight to 2 am)

Happy birthday, Malhablada! Keep surprising us with your activities.

Read this article in Spanish.

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