Monday, April 6, 2015

Zumba playlist

As many of you know, Lourdes, one of our Spanish teachers here at Tía Tula, is also a dance and fitness instructor (you can see her in action here). She is a huge fan of Zumba, the high-energy Columbian dance phenomenon that combines aerobics and elements of Salsa, Samba and Reggaeton, among others. We asked her for the perfect Zumba playlist!

Zumba is the perfect work-out, helping you to burn calories, tone muscles, increase co-ordination and improve cardio-vascular fitness - all while dancing to your favorite tracks. What's more, Zumba can help ease tension, reduce stress and put a smile on your face!

Why not have a listen to our Zumba playlist, available on Spotify?

Youtube playlist is also available, complete with choreographed dance routines. Fancy giving it a try?

Click here to see what happened last time Lourdes led a Zumba class at Tía Tula...
If you like the sound of Spanish music we recommend having a listen to our very own Tía Tula playlist, created as part of the UN initiative #HappySoundsLike.

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