Sunday, June 8, 2014

Activities 09/06-14/06

This week full of shows, fun and many other unusual things to do. Besides of the 12th of June, 
it´s a great holiday of San Juan, the  patron of the city, there will be street shows, cinema, tapas route and excursion to Oporto. Wish you a good week!

Monday  09, 17.45 – STREET SHOW.
Traut 'The McKensy's Clan Band' 
A group of eccentric Scottish passing through the streets with bagpipes timbales and drums. Their passage presume is  a spectacle which has an humor, surprise and magic of music. Thus, their march through the city becomes a work of street theater and comedy improvisation.

Tuesday 10, 19. 50 – STREET SHOW.
Brincadeira 'Street Dance'. 
The Catalans company walk through the main streets with their dynamic percussion show, in which the choreography and rhythms evolve constantly into a real party where the audience participates in bulk, dancing, cheering and applauding the percussionists. 
Meeting point: Tia Tula - Approximate Length: 30 min.

Wednesday  11, 20.00 – TAPAS ROUTE.
With the theme of gastronomic event, we will go to one of the participating café to sample and vote on their culinary proposals: "el pincho fácil" we should have any ingredient in yellow, the color that defines this year's Festival poster image. 
Price: Your Eating (+ - 6 €) 
Meeting point: Tia Tula - Approximate duration: 1:30

Thursday  12, HOLIDAY.
There will be fireworks the night of 11 June at 22h45 by the Roman bridge. I recommend them.
It is the feast of San Juan of Sahagún, patron of the city. There are no classes in the morning.

Friday  13, 12.00-16.30 –CINEMA.
Pan's Labyrinth by  Guillermo del Toro (2006) 
In 1944 fascist Spain, a 13 years old girl, fascinated with fairy-tales, is sent along with her pregnant mother to live with her new stepfather, a ruthless captain of the Spanish army. During the night, she meets a fairy who tell her she's a princess, but must prove her royalty. If she fails, she will never see her real father, the king, again. 
Location: Tia Tula - Film Duration: 112 min.

Saturday 14 -EXCURSION
Oporto (with Viamar company) 
You need join before the 11th June on Wensday. 
For more information ask at secretariat.

Remember to sign up for the activity at the reception beforehand (the minimum number of people needed for each activity is 3). If the cost is not stated then the activity is free. We recommend that our students participate in the activities so they can get to know other students in the school, so they can broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture and to practice and improve their Spanish in a fun way.

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