Monday, March 3, 2014

Ciudad Rodrigo…. The Carnival of the bull

Ciudad Rodrigo is a city rich of history of the Iberian peninsula. It is enclosed in medieval walls located on an hill on the right of the river Aguenda where it is possible to see wonderful artworks.

It is known for its carnival, Ciudad Rodrigo attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. During the carnival bullfights taking place in Plaza Mayor where it is built a “square” rectangular.
The party doesn’t start in the square alone, but much earlier, the bulls are accompagned on the streets where people more daring approach to touch the bulls always running to Plaza Mayor.

It is exciting to see so many people running through the streets, singing, dancing  that they want  to make "fiesta". .  A lot of brass bands  are on the streets creating an unusual setting  the previous weekend until Tuesday carnival night.

At midday you start listening to the tolling of the bells that predict  the entrance of the bulls in the field. Everything begins to take shape and at one o’clock valiant bullfighters dressed as different characters give evidence of willingness to subdue the bull, beginning the  bullfighting but  without killing the same.

The audience and I  were very agitaded together at the sight of such a show. Exciting !!!!!!
After the bullfight arena’s doors were opened and we danced all day.
Thank you Ciudad Rodrigo, Thank you Salamanca for so much life!

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