Monday, January 13, 2014

Huerto de Calixto y Melibea.

Huerto de Calixto y Melibea. Love, passion, life and death. The complexity and greatness of the human soul and its relations. The well, the walk, the garden are images that make you speak with a low voice, to meet the messages.

If it is true that we are living to be happy, I want to be forever
by your side. 
The story
The story is about Calisto, who is an employee of Pleberio, the father of Melibea. Calisto is deeply in love with Melibea and enlists the help of a matchmaker. The matchmaker, Celestina, is also the owner of a brothel. Celestina links Malisto and Melibea by saying her that a man is seriously ill and may recover only by the attention of Melibea. Celestina arranges a meeting between the two in the garden of Pleberio.

Two servants of Calisto do not trust Celestina and therefore try to convince Calisto to not accept her help. If the servants, however, find out that Calisto is not changing his mind, they decide to create a pact with Celestina. They decided to help Celestina in exchange for a share of the money, received from Calisto. However, the two servants find out that Celestina does not intend to share the money with them. The servants go therefore to the brothel of Celestina and murder her, however, they are caught and also the two servants were executed by one of the prostitutes.

In the meantime, another drama takes place in the garden of Pleberio. Out of desperation Calisto tries to climb a ladder to get to the window of Melibea, when he falls from the ladder and dies. Melibea can not live without him and tells her father about the love story between her and Calisto. After telling him, she jumps from the tower. 

The garden
It is the garden of the house where Melibea lived in the story called La Celestina. La Celestina is a love story with a tragic end, the spanish version of Romeo and Juliet.

A lot of couples and also friends immortalize themselves
by locking a padlock to a wrought-iron well in the garden
The garden is located in the old town of Salamanca and is 2500 square meters. The garden was opened on June 12, 1981. The garden is built on part of the old city wall and offers a beautiful view over the Río Tormes with its Roman bridge. 

On the other side, the garden offers a view of the old town and the beautiful old cathedral. The garden has in summertimes a large diversity of colorful flowers. It´s an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility, the views and the romantic atmosphere in the garden.

When you haven´t been there yet, you should definitely visit this beautiful place!

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