Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A city in the sunlight - Salamanca

There  are things that can change your life, experiences that sometimes can take you in a world totally different from the life of all days.

I’m here to explain my  first experience abroad in a beautiful Spanish city: Salamanca.

When I arrived I understood that this is a city that will offer me so much and that it will improve my person because this is a  new culture for me.

After the plane trip from Italy I landed at the airport in Madrid. The journey to Salamanca by bus was wonderful. I could see endless landscapes illuminated by a radiant sun, the sun that all Spanish people carry in their hearts, with their ability to make you feel at home.

After I settled in my new home with my fellow travelers, our landlord invited us to eat a delicious homemade paella. It was great to find the table laden with good things, and so I felt  a very inviting smell in the air. After a welcome drink we sat around the table and we tasted this popular dish in Spain with fish and meat -in particular, shrimp, mussels and chicken-, combined with a refined wine.

The hospitality and the welcome made me feel right at home! 

Boys and girls, Salamanca is waiting for you!

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