Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have some Paella!!

If you are in Spain or you’re still researching on what you are going to do when you get here, one of the things that you’ve undoubtedly read about would be the delights of the gastronomy. One of the most popular dishes is Paella. This would definitely be on your list of things to eat when you get to Spain!
To give you a little history on the origins of Paella, It is a Spanish rice dish which originated in Valencia in the mid-19th century and is considered to be Valencia’s regional dish but it is popular throughout Spain. In typical Valencia tradition the dish is made with rice, vegetable, rabbit and chicken meat, beans, saffron, oil and seasoning. Other paellas are also made with Seafood or there may be a combination of both.
Paella is very popular here in Salamanca and can be eaten in restaurants by the plate or as a Tapa serving. As part of the extra-curricular activities at Tia Tula we have cooking classes and sometimes we will have a tutorial on Paella which the students always enjoy. I recommend when you get to Spain or if you are already in Salamanca that you try the Paella, I’m sure that you will love it!
Debra, student at Tia Tula

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