Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Salamanca and surroundings. Discovering Bilbao!

Since quite some time has passed since I'm in Salamanca, last weekend I decided to visit one of the many beautiful cities that are nearby: Bilbao. Many of the people I spoke with recommended Bilbao, as well Salamanca has good transportation links with other surrounding cities so it was very easy to get there. I decided to go by train because it was very fast and very affordable.
Although it is different than Salamanca, Bilbao is a very interesting and there are plenty of things to do! When I arrived on a Saturday I walked around the old town, where there are shops of all types. The streets have that style that is typically Spain: very narrow houses, closely built next to each other with small balconies where tenants had hung flowers of different colors.
There are many old stone churches and museums. I visited the most famous, the Guggenheim Museum. Despite the long time it took to get in as it was quite crowded, it was worth the wait! The exhibition is contained on three floors, and where there is displayed modern works and movements by Pop Art Andy Warhol (with the famous image of Marilyn Monroe) with Breton and Surrealism, Picasso and many others ... On leaving I also saw the famous sculpture that looks like a spider, with many tourists waiting around to get a chance to take a photo with it.
Another museum that I visited and which I recommend is the museum of local traditions, showing dances suits, dresses old fishermen, found objects belonging to the Paleolithic period.
On Sunday at midday I decided to eat in the main square, under the arcades where you will find there are many places that offer snacks and tapas of all types. What I loved most was the city at night, many places open late and the streets are all lit, creating a special atmosphere, a mixture of an ancient and modern city.

Before returning to Salamanca on Sunday via train, I took some final moments in the city to take a walk near the river and cross the famous bridge build by architect Santiago Calatrava. On the platform that runs along the river there are many tourists and locals who take advantage of the views to either take a walk or bike

Bilbao is a city suitable for anyone who is interested in going somewhere that is easy to get around on foot, has a festive nightlife, it’s cultural and I’m certain you will have fun! I did!

Valeria, student internship in Tía Tula.

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