Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting around as a Newbie in Salamanca!

Salamanca is a small city and it’s relatively easy to navigate by foot. If you are a new student arriving in Salamanca and at Tia Tula don’t worry too much because Tia Tula will give you all the information you need to start you off on a hassle free stay.
Carrying a map of the city is essential! These are easy to access and usually one is provided for you during your first day at class. I always carry my map with me. It’s falling apart right now from being so well used! A map is especially handy when you’re learning Spanish like me and you have to ask persons in the street or store for help or advice in finding a certain place or store. Thanks to this I verified that the people of Salamanca are a friendly bunch and usually a few simple words and pointing at the map will encourage some helpful advice and you will soon be on your way.

My map is also marked with the places I NEED to remember such as a newly discovered shoe store, the new hairdresser that I just found, the Art Studio that I started taking classes at and the tiny Chinese store that I go to get my wantons and oyster sauce etc. I am delighted to see that my list of preferred sites is increasing every day! Some people don’t mind wandering around without one and I do that as well. That’s when I find the most unexpected beautiful sights as I turn a unknown corner or discover the most delicious tortilla stopping off for a refreshing drink at a newly-found outdoor restaurant.

But when it’s time to head back, I whip out my trusty map and find the best route to take me to my home in Salamanca!
Debra, Student in Tia Tula

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