Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jazz concerts - Part of the Second Edition of the cultural program “Plazas y Patios”.

Starting from last Saturday there will be concerts scheduled as part of Salamanca’s Second Edition of the Cultural program “Plaza y Patios.”  The concerts will be held at The Gardens of Santo Domingo de la Cruz and are carded to be held every Saturday, beginning on June 29 and ending on July 27. Time is 10.30pm and admission is free.  Modulating Big Band, Coda, Jose Luis Gutierrez, Cool Cats and Blues Trio, Laurent Lavigne,Ñaco&Goñi are the five groups scheduled to perform.
To give you an indication on the remaining performances, on Saturday, July 6, will be the Coda group, a Vocal Quintet, of five female voices a cappella.  Jose Luis Gutierrez, one of the most International Spanish Jazz musicians, will perform on July 13.  His performance is influenced by Iberian music and he has a style called "Iberjazz". On July 20 will be the group Cool Cats.They play swing on a blanket of samba, mambo, calypso and rumba. And to end, on July 27 will be the trio Ñaco, Laurent Lavigne & Goñi with a selection of blues standards with special emphasis on Chicago in the '50s and '60s.

Tia Tula encourages you to go out and take part in this activity as it is a good way to interact with others and practice your Spanish. 

Debra, Student at Tia Tula

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