Wednesday, July 10, 2013

San Fermines... A unique experience!

Last weekend, I attended the festival of San Fermín. This festival is one of three festivals in Spain where the bulls run. The other festivals are the Spring Festival of Sevilla and the Fire Festival of Valencia. Nearly everyone wore white clothes and wrapped a red scarf around their neck. I actually bought my white clothes the day before the festival and was lucky as the store had so little white clothes left! Such is the popularity of the festival.

San Fermín is celebrated from 7th to 14th of July every year and on the 6th of July, the eve of this period, is when the bulls run. During my previous research of this festival I knew I would enjoy it and it exceeded my imagination. We gathered at a Plaza in Salamanca at 5.00 am to begin our journey to Pamplona, and we arrived there at 10.00 in the morning. After we left the bus it was amazing to see the number of merry revelers already on the streets. Everyone was enjoying themselves and throwing their drinks in the air! Incredible! In an instant our white clothes had changed to pink and yellow.

The next day at 8.00 am the running of the bulls started. We made our way down to the city at 6:30am and already there was a huge crowd! While making our way through the crowd we arrived in the area where the bulls would run and found a spot to watch the event.  We waited for over an hour, and then we heard a banging of guns and the roar of a bull. I saw people running and the bull chasing close behind! For me, I think this happened in about 10 seconds and finished in a flash. Having experienced San Fermín I think it was an interesting and unique experience!

Nori, student of Tia Tula

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