Thursday, May 23, 2013

International Museums Day : what better way to discover Salamanca's treasures?

Saturday, May 20 was International Museums Day , we, students at Tia Tula, made use of this opportunity to visit for free the new art museum of Salamanca, also known as Casa Lis and the Automobile Museum (Museo de la automoción).

The Casa Lis museum overlooks the river Tormes, it features beautiful stained glass windows decorated with floral pattern and has a large variety of art pieces: sculptures, jewelry, perfumes, fans, antique dolls ... It is a must for anyone visiting Salamanca.

The automobile museum meanwhile offers a large collection of cars, sweeping the centuries since the invention of the automobile until today. This museum is particularly interesting for car enthusiasts but it is also an opportunity for others to take beautiful photos.

After these two museums, we also visited (or revisited for some of us) the patio of the Casa de las Conchas and the old cathedrals which entrance is always free. We then headed to the Van Dyck neighbourhood to eat Tapas and ended our meal with an ice-cream from the glacier in the Plaza Mayor, the historic center of the city.

This very fun day has been an opportunity to learn more about the Spanish culture and the main tourist attractions of Salamanca.

Claire, student intern at Tia Tula

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