Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Searching clues arround the monuments of Salamanca

Last Tuesday, Tuesday 14th, May 2013, six students participated in the treasure hunt across the city and I was part of it.

We were divided into two teams; the first to arrive at the final destination won the game. The game had been prepared so that we visited the most famous places of Salamanca (Plaza Mayor, Calle Toro, Casa de las Conchas, Casa Lis…). Tracks and tests were very diverse: Hang Man, rebus, shells, sudoku, ... All this was very funny and the atmosphere between the two teams was very friendly. In addition, teams were composed of people from all different countries, it was an opportunity to share in Spanish our experience in Salamanca.

In the end, the game took us to a bar overlooking the River Tormes. The evening was concluded in a good mood, having a beer and Tapas, giving an opportunity to those who had just arrived to discover this Spanish tradition.

Opinion of Claire, Student intern at Tia Tula

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