Monday, May 27, 2013

Extra-curricular activities 27 May - 31 May

Monday 27th, 18:00: Churros. We are going to try the typical chocolate with churros in the cafeteria El Valor. Price: Between 3 and 5 euros. Meeting point: Tía Tula. Approximate duration: 1h
Tuesday 28th, 17:00: Movie. We will watch a film so as to practice our Spanish. Meeting point: Tía Tula. Approximate duration: 2h00.

Wednesday 29th, 17:45: Archives of the Civil War. We will visit the center on the history of Spain with its Masonic lodge. Meeting point: Tía Tula - Approximate duration: 1 hour

Thursday 30th, 16:45: Visit of the New Cathedral. Architecture of the New Cathedral. To celebrate the V Centenary of the laying of the stone foundation of the New Cathedral, the tourist office offers themed tours to rediscover the temple. It is necessary to sign up before Tuesday 28th, 12:00. Meeting point: Inside the New Cathedral. Approximate duration: 1h

Friday 31st, 19:30: Ice-cream and visit of the Calixto and Melibea Garden. We will eat ice-cream in the well-known ice-cream shop “Novelty” and we will take a walk in the Calixto and Melibea Garden. Price: Your consumption. Meeting point: Tía Tula. Approximate duration: 1h

Remember to sign up for the activity at the reception on beforehand (the minimum number of people needed for each activity is 3). If the cost is not stated then the activity is free. We recommend our students to participate in the activities so they can get to know other students in the school, so they can broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture and to practice and improve their Spanish in a fun way.

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