Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cultural show in the Plaza de Anaya

Every year, on 28th  May, since 2001, this celebration is held in Salamanca it is the celebration of the designation of Salamanca as European City of Culture with a collective reading of poetry in a famous place of Salamanca. (Rio Tormes (2002), Plaza de Anaya (2003), Higher School Yard (2004), Plaza Mayor (2005), Convento de San Esteban (2006), the Pontifical Faculty Baroque (2007), Palacio de Anaya (2008), Patio Chico (2009), Casa de las conchas (2010), Plaza de Toros (2011) and Plaza Mayor (2012)).

This year's celebration joins the fifth centenary of the beginning of the construction of the New Cathedral.That’s why it will take place in the Plaza de Anaya, next to the New Cathedral. Twelve poets will be present as well as several choirs and classical orchestras. From 21:45, the poets will climb to the towers and roofs of the Cathedral to read the unpublished poems they have written for this commemoration. They will be accompanied by various orchestras and choirs as well as a light show.

In conclusion, this event will be a good opportunity for those who want to discover the Spanish culture because it will combine poetry, music and architecture.

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