Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lunes de aguas 2013

Quite literally this year could be rainy Monday with all the rain we have had! Sometimes the rain does make an appearance but normally, everybody heads to the river to eat their picnic and enjoy the first rays of sun and the beginning of spring. This year however, the grass maybe a little wet for that but fingers crossed, we may have a little luck.

The origin of this tradition is from many years ago, when Salamanca was governed by morals and customs of the strict religion of Catholicism, like the rest of Spain and during the time that proceeded lent, prostitutes were sent away from the city. They were sent to the other side of the river where they stayed there for nearly 2 months in the Casa de la Mancebía.

It was constructed at the end of the XV century and governed by “the father of the prostitutes” who was locally famous for being religious. The following Monday after Easter the students and men of the city - supposedly only single men, crossed the river in boats to go looking for the prostitutes whilst snacking on the banks of the Tormes, mainly hornazo and wine.

This is the reason why the hornazo is a typical snack on this specific day. If you´ve never eaten or seen hornazo, it´s a type of pastry that has a filling inside. There are various fillings but a personal favorite is the tuna and tomato option.

Let´s hope the rain stays away on Monday so that we can celebrate this day how it should be celebrated...with a picnic and friends

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