Thursday, March 21, 2013

Capture the light of the night in Salamanca

It doesn’t matter if you have been a couple of days, weeks, months or all your life in Salamanca, there is something about this city that won’t ever bore you. There is something in Tia Tula that we adore: that moment when the night falls and suddenly the city gets covered in a special light which makes it magical. That’s the moment when all the monuments start sparkling and they start taking over the city. The golden color of the stone of Villamayor that you can find in the old city center lights up during a couple of minutes and the streets flow over in a silence that overcomes the pedestrians, which makes them want to immortalize this moment full of impressive and unforgettable views.
It’s because of that that this week we wanted to make a tribute to the beautiful lights of the city in one of our extra-curricular activities with a photographic tour. We organize this activity the 22nd of March. We meet at school at 8 o’clock and we’ll go to 3 of the best points of view of the city to see and photograph the views:
El Puente Romano (view of la Casa Lis)
La Vaguada de la Palma
La Plaza Mayor
The activity will allow you to bring out the photographic creativity that you have inside of you and to discover with your own eyes the magic that is hidden in the city thanks to people who know the city very well. It will clearly also allow you to share this amazing experience with your classmates. We just want to make clear that you will have fun, that you’ll improve your talent and that you won’t regret it!
The activity is for free. The only thing you have to bring is your camera and the desire to enjoy the magic of the night.
After that, we will collect all the pictures that have been made and the one that we like the most will be published on the Facebook page of Tia Tula ( As you see, that’s another reason to participate: the ability to see one of your pictures published and the ability  to make everyone discover your great photographic talent.
See you on Friday! ;-)

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