Monday, January 14, 2013

Specialties of Salamanca

You don’t need to walk a lot through the streets of Salamanca before discovering the bars and tapas restaurants. Pastries and bakeries are full of tasty sweets, without forgetting the famous jamón serrano and Spanish cheeses shops.

Anyway, we can say that there’s a wide range of products and the price-quality is often advantageous. However, here are the main products that you must try before you leave Salamanca!

The advantage of Salamanca, even if the city isn’t on the coast, is that we can find a lot of products from the countryside. The first is cheese. The most famous is known by the name « himojosa de duero » because the dry air of the area helps with the good production. Others specialties of the countryside are chorizo, sausage, botillo and the famous jamón serrano. Pork is also avery used meat by the restaurants to be able to make different dishes.

Pastries are also specialties of quality. A lot of sweets are made with chocolate, honey, vanilla, cream and almonds. Old recipes are sometimes used to cook these pastries but today a range of products and new sweets have appeared. Although a few pastries are reserved for special celebrations (Christmas, Easter...), you’ve the possibility to find every pastries all the time!

Salamanca is very famous for its wine, especially white and red wine, which are appreciated for their fruity and robust taste. The lands are suitable for the harvest and the success of the wine in Salamanca is well-known. There’s a variety of « wine tours » to follow where you’ll discover how wine’s made, learn to taste it, to associate it with food…

The tapas that you can try depends on the bar where you eat. Every bar has its own specialty but these things are still very typical: paëllas, tortillas, salade russe, hornazos,… Eggs are often used to cook tapas, potatoes, seafood and vegetables (beans, chickpeas…) as well. Most of the tapas are cheap and the bars offer a different range: sweet, salty, hot, cold, classics, specials.

Main dishes are also very present in the Spanish food: le cochinillo (pork), farinatos (eggs/sausages), the tortilla, soups, cocido maragato (pot-au-feu, meat, vegetables), botillo con cachelos,…

Coffee is very appreciated, especially because it’s still a very strong tradition for Spanish people. The “coffee-break” is a part of the daily routine. In Salamanca, you can find a lot of different types of coffee: café con leche, café cortado, café solo, café americano are the most well known.

Now you only have to try all of these products before you leave Salamanca!

By Justine Pons (Student intern)

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