Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Improve your Spanish level: go to the cinema!

As you know, Salamanca is a vibrant and touristic city where you’ve already (probably) visited everything. For this reason, it’s time to come back to your classics! As a foreign Spanish student, improving your level is important and going to the cinema is a great way to do this!

In the city of Salamanca, you have the possibility to go to the cinema near to the centre and with special prices for students!

Every day, you have the choice between many different movies. Most of these are in Spanish, which means that you’re always sure to practice. In general, 20 films are available during the week. You always can opt for the movie of your choice.

There are 3 “Van Dyck”cinemas. Here are the addresses and useful information:

Cine Van Dyck: Torres Villarroel, 40 and 45.
Cine Van Dyck Tormes: Shopping Centre El Tormes 37900 Santa Marta de Tormes.
Cinebox Ábaco: Shopping Center Vialia Estación de Salamanca, paseo de la estación.

As a student of Salamanca, from Monday to Friday, the price is 5, 50€. In the week end and days off, the price is 6, 70€. Don’t forget that to get the discount, you have to show your student card of the city.

As you may have noticed, the second cinema is situated in a shopping centre, which is on the other side of the River Tormes and the last cinema is in of the train station. To go to the shopping centre, there is a bus which you can get from Gran Vía. The bus ticket costs 2, 70€ (two journeys).

If you have any doubts here is the cinemas’ website

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