Monday, January 28, 2013

Guided tours of Salamanca

If you live in Salamanca as a student, you have probably already discovered the main monuments and the famous places of the city. However, you probably would like to know more about its history, culture and traditions.

Today, you have the possibility to discover the secrets of Salamanca, the real history of its centre. A guided tour is always a good possibility to learn more about a city and if you study in Salamanca, you should know more about your host town! If you’re interested, these guided tours are aimed for you:

1.     The traditional tours with a Special Guide who speaks in your language (or in Spanish if you want to improve your audition!). The prices vary between 6€ and 7€, with all the entries free for the monuments. You can also book a private tour, which will be more expensive but more personal.
2.     A different way to discover Salamanca is using the Tourist Train which starts from the Plaza De Anaya until de cathedral. The price is 4€/person.
3.     If you want to discover the city by yourself, go the tourism office and rent Audioguides. They are available 24/24h and cost 12€ (20€ deposit that you get back after).
4.     Look out for the guided tours offered by Tía Tula as part of its extra-curricular activities.

If you want to know more about these tours of Salamanca, you can visit the tourist office or visit it the following website

When Tía Tula offers guided tours, they are always published on the extra-curricular activities list which can be found on our blog or on the notice board in the school.

By Justine Pons (student intern)

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