Thursday, December 20, 2012

What is the University of Salamanca’s new years Eve?

Here are some articles we have written other years about this event:

For a brief summary, a few days before the students studying in Salamanca - Spanish or foreign - return home to celebrate Christmas with their family, they celebrate new years eve all together first in the Plaza Mayor and then later in the streets and bars of the city.

It is not an old tradition - perhaps only 15 years old  and the first time it was held was between a small groups of friends but it has grown and is not only in Salamanca. The other night, there was expected to be expected to nearly 40,000 people, perhaps more eating the typical grapes (normally made of jelly), to celebrate in advance the arrival of the new year. The origin of most people will be Salamanca but also from other parts of Spain , for example, Portugal and even Europe.

It started at 21.45 in the Plaza Mayor with live performances on stage which lasted until twelve o'clock, when all attendees ate the 12 grapes that were given out before ( imitating the Spanish tradition of eating grapes on 31st December  at the stroke of midnight). From there, the party moves to the bars and clubs of the city.

Many staff were there to avoid problems with the crowds in the Plaza mayor in the  minutes immediately preceding and following the event.

We assume that the students had a good time and we hope they all went to class the next day!

Happy new year!

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