Monday, December 10, 2012

Tía Tula experience

I’m a student from Belgium and I’d like to share with you my experience of Tia Tula.

This autumn, I had the opportunity to study in Salamanca for three months, from early September until December.

The first day when I arrived, I was a little nervous not to find where to go, what to do, how to adapt to this new type of learning. Due to the staff and the teachers, I directly felt like at home. They all were very welcoming and friendly. My first day to Tia Tula was really nice and I’ve never felt uncomfortable.

The classes are really good. I improved my Spanish and today I’m able to speak and understand people pretty well – anyway much better than when I arrived! During the lessons, we practice every competences (reading, writing, audition, speaking) and we discuss about every kind of subjects.

The teachers are amazing! They are always ready to listen to you and answer to your questions. They are incredible at doing their job! I learnt the best Spanish with the best teachers. They are motivated, professional, close to us. I always can rely on their advices and I enjoy the classes every day. They always push the students as far as they can and want to be sure that you have everything you need to succeed. The staff at the office has always been welcoming and I’ve been able to talk to them in any concern.

Moreover, Tia Tula is situated in the heart of Salamanca, city of reference as the center of the Spanish language. In Salamanca, the purest Spanish accent is spoken, which means that you learn the best Spanish of Spain.

Tia Tula is a private school for foreigners. Therefore I met a lot of students from the world and it was amazing to discover their culture, their language. They were in a good mood every day, motivated to discover the city, to go out. I’m leaving with many memories even if it’s going to be hard to see off.

But one thing is absolutely sure: I’m coming back soon!

By Justine Pons (student intern)

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