Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lo Imposible: don’t miss it!

Last week, I went to cinema with a friend of Tia Tula and we chose to watch the new Spanish movie: Lo Imposible. We’ve been so surprised! That’s not exactly what we were expecting to see. A great film that we recommend you!

The movie is the real story of a Spanish family who went on holiday to Thailand, in 2004, year of the tsunami which completely destroyed this area.

The movie is very well-done for its realistic side: all of the decors and special effects are amazingly well-realized. When the wave arrives, you really have the felling to the in the reality and that you’re going to die!

As the main actors, we have Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts who play their characters with a real professionalism. Their “sons” are also amazing for their young ages. The performance of the main character, Tom Holland, is impressing.

The biggest advantage for us was that this movie is very easy to understand for its language: as foreign students who learn Spanish, we understood the film pretty well.

The Spanish director of the movie is Juan Antonio Bayona.

All in all, this movie is a beautiful, splendid and touching realization which tries not to make us forget what happened in 2004. Successful challenge!

Want to watch this movie in Salamanca?

Justine Pons (student intern at Tía Tula) 

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