Friday, November 16, 2012

El Tormes shopping centre

It´s getting close to Christmas now, which means students might be thinking of buying a few gifts for their parents and yes, they can buy these gifts in the centre of Salamanca but what if it´s raining...we´ll fear not whether you are looking for presents or just wanting to take a trip to the shopping centre´El Tormes´...this is how to get to there . 

From the centre of Salamanca, you catch the bus from Gran vía where the Kiosk is at the bottom of Santi espiritus. The price of the bus ticket is 1.35 euros and the bus comes every 15 minutes Monday to Friday and every half hour on Saturdays.

As for when to get off the bus, when you get to a big round about after 15 minutos or so, you will see the shopping centre ride at the side of the road. 

Happy shopping!

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