Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DELE Exam dates 2013

The Instituto Cervantes has already published the dates for DELE examinations in 2013 and they have been sent to all accredited centres and integrated schools in the Network of associates, like Tía Tula.

For a quick summary, if anyone doesn´t know what we´re talking about (which is unlikely), DELE (Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the Spanish level exam conducted by the Instituto Cervantes in their own centres or associated centres (eg. The University of Salamanca)

Here are the dates of the exams for 2013:

- Exam for May 2013 - Exam dates: 24th and 25th May. Registration period: From February 25th to April 19th inclusive.

- Exam for August 2013 - Exam Date: August 23rd. Registration period: From July 1st to July 26th inclusive.

- Exam for November 2013 - Exam dates: 22nd and 23rd November. Registration period: From September 16th to October 18th inclusive.

If you´d like more information about the exams (no doubt the most official internationally recognised Spanish exam), you can do so through previous articles published on this blog before:

- DELE - Presentation and description (by level) exam.

- Model DELE exam - list of past DELE exams: one for each level, you can download them one by one. These tests were obtained from the Instituto Cervantes (DELE section) but have been refined in presentation for ease of use.

In addition, the Instituto Cervantes´ website offers information in relation to the exams: Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language.

We would also like to remind you that Tía Tula offers all Spanish students specific courses for DELE exam preparation, at any level. If you holding back take this as an incentive to start right away, if you register now, before November 30, you have a special 10% discount. Don´t wait any longer, take advantage of it!

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