Monday, October 29, 2012

Salamanca ? Salsa!

I’m here in Salamanca since a few weeks now and I had the opportunity to take part to a salsa lesson. At the east of the city, there’s El Parque de los Jesuitas where I followed a dance lesson with my friends. That was a pretty special lesson actually…

We arrived in this big park and we instantly felt this convivial atmosphere: nice music, people motivated to dance and amazing sun to top it all! The dance teachers directly told us not to be afraid because they wanted each one of us to have fun and not to feel ridiculous… very useful when you try a new dance style for the first time!

The lesson began and we learnt the basics, around the teacher in the middle of us. It was very technical, but the festive atmosphere helped us to appreciate the lesson. We had to dance in couple with people that we didn’t know. It was mainly a great occasion to meet people from different ages and cultures. The salsa teacher danced with each girls and everybody participated and enjoyed.

The first goal wasn’t to dance until the perfection, but to have fun and have a good time together.

What I’ll remember from this salsa lesson is certainly not the basics! Indeed, I’ll keep a great memory of this experience because I discovered a new side of the Spanish culture that I didn’t know. I’ll also remember the people’s behavior: teachers and students of the day. During this nice and convivial hour, and because of them, I’ve never felt uncomfortable.

In one hour, I’ve learnt a lot about the Spanish culture. People are welcoming, warm and lively!

Justine Pons

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