Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn is here!

As you’ll have all noticed, autumn has arrived in Salamanca. Autumn in Salamanca isn’t just the return off all the students to Salamanca but the change in the weather too!

I personally love autumn; it’s the time of year when you can finally get your boots and big coat out. It’s the time when you arrive home to a warm house and of course, start preparing for the winter. Autumn in Salamanca is different, at least from where from where I come from. The temperatures drop quite suddenly but there is still the chance of fine days, just that they’re not as warm as the days in summer.

Salamanca has a moderate climate with hot and dry summers followed by cold winters. Autumn and spring go pretty much unnoticed, as they don’t last very long.

So if you’re a new student to Tía Tula or you’re packing getting ready to come to Salamanca, don’t forget to pack something warm, just in case.

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