Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jazz in the street – Salamanca

Salamanca´s Jazz festival is back! If you missed last weeks concert, be sure not to miss this weeks!

The concerts are to bring music closer to the people of Salamanca and are around until the 16th July. The concerts take place always at 22.30 and in varios places around Salamanca, namely: the Santa Domingo gardens, Patio Chico and Patio de escuelas. More information on dates and places of the concerts can be found in Spanish on this website.

Anybody interested in seeing the concerts sitting down, should get there more than three quarters of an hour early because they are very popular. 

What´s more the concerts are completely free, so just sit back and enjoy!

From Tía Tula to Santo Domingo gardens:

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From Tía Tula to Patio Chico:

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From Tía Tula to Patio Escuelas:

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