Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Del Bosque in Salamanca!

It is still fresh in our minds that Spanish national football team won the EURO Cup 2012. The other day, Del Bosque, the director of Spanish football team, came to visit Salamanca! The plaza mayor was full of football funs, even though it was a weekday. (This might be because it is Spain..?)  Del Bosque was actually born in Salamanca, therefore, he came to show the trophy to the people of his hometown.

The speech itself was less than 5 minutes and was plain. It would have been more impressive if Del Bosque had behaved cool just the enthusiastic welcome mood of the crowd.

Del Bosque is also involved in the sports promotion of Salamanca and he runs a program called Vicente Del Bosque Campus (http://campusvicentedelbosque.com/) The director believes that the cultural interchange though sports makes people more accepting of other cultures. If you are interested, you can check the site above.

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