Monday, May 21, 2012

How to always find Tía Tula on a tourist map of Salamanca.

If you have a tourist map of Salamanca and these icons are marked with the major sights, we'll tell show you a trick to locate Tía Tula no matter where you are: search for the area with most monuments and in the centre of that area is Tía Tula. Easy, right? If you don´t believe us think that's an exaggeration – which is usual in these cases - we encourage you to check by looking at the location of Tía Tula on the map that has just been uploaded in the section "Location and contact" on our website.

The map reflects perfectly the location of the school: half way down the street, Rua Mayor – the main tourist thoroughfare linking the old Town Square with the two cathedrals – and along the way you´ll find monumental places of great importance like, la casa de las Conchas and the Clerecía, which are also very close to also other key points of the city, including the University of Salamanca and the Convent of San Esteban.

We can safely say that tourists who have done this route through the city, will have passed by TíaTula ... Come check it out!

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