Friday, March 2, 2012

A trip to La Alberca, La Peña de Francia and the bull farm.

Last week Tía Tula visited the beautiful town of La Alberca and the bull farm and we were accompanied by the lovely group from Qatar. 

We were lucky as the sun was shining and it was really warm! This meant we could eat our lunch in the main square of La Alberca. 

After lunch we headed to La Peña de Francia where we saw the amazing views from El Paso de los Lobos. If you haven´t been, it’s definitely worth a visit!

Finally we went to the bull farm which was my personal favorite. The whole group was taken into the middle of a field of bulls on a trailer where Antonio, the owner, explained some very interesting things about the bulls. He explained that bulls have to be kept in a very large area so that they don´t turn on each other because when they are in enclosed spaces, this is when they attack. He also explained that it´s unlikely the bull will attack you when they are in the large area because they prefer to flee but there are two exceptions: when they are injured or with calves, in these cases they are likely to attack.

After the tour of the bulls, it was the groups turn to run away! Only those who were brave enough dared to enter the bull ring, where a calf chased them around. It sounds innocent but the calf ran fast and I’m sure it wouldn´t have tickled the students should it have caught up with them.

After a very exciting 20 minutes, Antonio let us ride his horse. I was very proud of the group because they all hopped on one by one without any fear and enjoyed the experience. 

It was an amazing day and a day I will never forget. I just wanted to say that I hope the group had a safe trip home. We all miss you at Tía Tula and we hope you can come back at some point in the future. 

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