Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flashmob Salamanca: Erasmus students jumping around like frogs

No chance anyone could have missed the massive crowd in Salamanca, this weekend the city of Salamanca was absolutely packed with people and activities. At the left of Plaza Mayor young musicians were playing their violins. A bit further at the right, acrobats were juggling their diabolos sky-high – without any problem. And in the middle of Plaza Mayor: huge 'frogs' happily jumping around. Hundreds of students were dressed like frogs, some even with green painted faces and green fluffy costumes. Although Plaza Mayor and Salamanca are well known for crowded evenings and students, this weekend was not like any other.

Erasmusstudents from other Spanish cities during the flashmob at Plaza Mayor. Source:

For the first time, Salamanca was the proud host of the National Erasmus Student event. ESN is an international student organization that caters the well-known Erasmus exchange students in Spain. And after almost a year of preparation, Salamanca could show its beauty and grandeur to Erasmus students that are currently residing in other Spanish cities. More than 1200 students were attracted by this and could be seen at every corner of the city, participating in a range of games and activities. Obviously, the so-called ‘frog-act’ had everything to do with it as the famous frog is the symbol of Salamanca. The myth goes that only the ones who can find the tiny frog (hidden in the huge façade of Salamanca’s university building) will be blessed with a prosperous life and excellent study results. No wonder why people stare at the façade every day and why the frog is one of the best sold souvenirs of Salamanca. The frog jumping was a so-called flash mob. A flash mob, mostly organized through the means of social media, usually takes place in a big public place where a group of people come together and suddenly start dancing. After a couple of minutes, the group falls apart again and life goes on as nothing ever happened. Plaza Mayor turned out to be an excellent location for the frog jumping act of hundreds of students. Check out the small ESN video below to get an idea of the bustling life in Salamanca! So where are you waiting for? Come over!

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