Friday, March 23, 2012

Don´t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

This weekend, on Saturday night, we will change our clocks to adapt to the summer time. At 2 o´clock on Sunday morning, 25/03/2012, we will have to put our clocks forward by one hour so that it´s 3 o´clock. It´s one hour´s less sleep but it´s a well known reason that it´s a price we have to pay to better align our work schedules and sunlight and to save energy.

In this way the light will favor the spring solstice: the days will get longer (like they have been doing already but now it will appear more abrupt with the extra hour), it will go dark quite late and the nights will become shorter. We already know that with more light, people cheer up and are happier, right? This is what biochemistry says and it can be seen on the faces of people in the street and by their choice of clothes...

Don´t forget to change your clock because if you do, you´ll arrive late to class!

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