Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bull carnaval-Ciudad Rodrigo.

It´s that time of year again for Ciudad Rodrigo´s annual bull carnival! Although the carnival, which differs in activities from place to place, is held in different places all over Spain, Ciudad Rodrigo´s Bull carnival is said to be one of the oldest. 

The carnival includes, naming a few things: bulls running through the streets driven by men on horses, bull fights with capes, brass bands, fancy dress and people dancing.

Many students from the University of Salamanca go to the city every year, just to see the carnival which starts on the 17/02/12 and ends on the 21/02/12. 

If you are interested in going and joining in, on the Tía tula information board in the school, there is a coach trip that will take you there. For more information on prices etc. please consult the notice board.

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