Tuesday, December 13, 2011

University New Year´s Eve, Salamanca 2012

University New Year´s Eve is nearly upon us. Staying true to tradition this year it is happening two weeks before the 31st December on the night of Thursday 15th.
Nochevieja Universitaria- University New Year´s Eve
What is University New Year´s Eve? In the Spanish blog there are several references to this event: "Nochevieja Universitaria de Salamanca", "Nochevieja Universitaria de Salamanca, huérfana", and "Vuelve la Nochevieja Universitaria". This tradition is relatively new, the first one took place about 10 years ago. Officially this year it is the seventh University New Year´s Eve but it had started some years before 2004 without official event organisation. It all originated from the minds of a group of party loving students who always sought new ways to enjoy themselves. They spontaneously decided to celebrate new year on the last Thursday of term before the Christmas holidays commenced. It was a way in which they could celebrate the end of the year together given that many students that study here are from different parts of Spain and therefore would not be together for celebrations on the 31st. And so that´s how it all began... the students´ idea to celebrate with their friends on a small scale caught on and a new tradition was born. Now this event constitutes an unmissable celebration in the University social calendar.

It all kicks off at 10.30pm in the Plaza Mayor with live music from DJ Javi Reina and the house violinist Miguel Lara before the clock strikes 12. On each strike we will eat a marshmallow (instead of a grape which is the tradicion in Spain). Afterwards we will follow the crowds to the bars to continue the celebration. Excited much?


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